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Are You Awake?

Are You Awake?

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I usually find the amateur sleuth trope frustrating - it’s often unbelievable how much they get involved but I found myself thinking had I been in Mary’s position I would have done the same thing - it would infuriate me how the police didn’t seem to care about their tip. It is a well-written multi-POV and well-paced story that had me questioning who I could trust and what was reliable enough to believe.

Mixing this with having been prepped as a witness for a trial, I understand the controversy over eye-witness reliance. Although readers are meant to feel for the two main characters as one struggles with PTSD and the other is a sleep deprived Mother with a husband who is clueless. After the past two unprecedented heat-wave summers here in the Pacific Northwest, I understand Mary’s predicament. I didn't care about either of the sleepless characters, and honestly the new mom's husband made me want to literally throw things, because I've been in new mom tired land, and it sucks. I’ll spare you my entire rant about the ending which has the collective logic of storing ice cream in a heated oven.There were times that Mary’s questioning left me unsettled because her thoughts weren’t indicative of her career mindset. Coincidentally, there is a missing 19-year old woman from their town, and they can’t help but wonder if that’s who they saw in the window of the house. When Mary goes outside to investigate, she runs into another neighbor, fellow insomniac, and investigative journalist, Tim. They both believe they are seeing an attack or some form of violence taking place in an abandoned building.

One thing to know about these two, because it will be repeated incessantly for the first quarter of the book: They’re tired. The final resolution to Sam’s disappearance and several other unsolved crimes is almost like pulling a rabbit out of a hat – fine for a magic show but not a very satisfactory ending for a mystery novel. And both are convinced it is missing teenager Samantha Ellis, who vanished walking home one night after her shift at the care home where she worked. I love reading about amateur sleuths, and it was fun to picture Mary and Tim bopping around town, trying to get information…only to find themselves in more trouble.The personal lives of the protagonists could have been explored more — and the domestic nature of the disappearance was a bit OTT. These two Amateur Detectives succeed where the Police have failed, finding lead after lead that the Detectives have apparently missed! The first half was more about Mary's chaotic life while the second half really picked up the pace and got down to the nitty gritty. Her two young children never let her rest, and so one exhausting night, in the middle of a London heatwave, she escapes to a nearby park for some air. There, the two strangers witness what looks like a violent attack in the window of a neighbouring house.

Mary an exhausted lawyer on maternity leave teams up with Tim a journalist suffering from the effects of working in a war zone to try and investigate the missing case of Sam a local teenager. Despite their unending tiredness, these neighbors both end up in a park near their homes at 4 AM peering up at a lit window of a home where they both believe they’ve seen a young woman, Samantha Ellis, recently reported missing in the news. As the pair are drawn into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, the culprit appears to be even closer to home than they thought. Unfolding through the alternating narratives of Mary and Tim, there is also the odd narrative from the missing Samantha, leaving you wondering what exactly has happened to her. Ok so this could've been a guilty pleasure read but McGowan punched above the belt by making Mary a lawyer who didn't know the law from her left foot.It will have you questioning your own credibility and leave you pondering the reliability of our two narrators. However, the story often lags, with a slow pace and some less-than-believable behavior by not only Tim and Mary, but by other characters as well (including Mary’s husband). A chilling story of two sleep deprived strangers coming together to find a missing person, not knowing whether they can trust their minds. Biography: Claire published her first novel in 2012, and has followed it up with many others in the crime fiction genre and also in women's fiction (writing as Eva Woods).

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