The Wisdom of Insecurity

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The Wisdom of Insecurity

The Wisdom of Insecurity

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Yet, if you look at a large amount of human activity, it does seem to fall into Watts’ diagnosis that we’re in a state of anxiety and hunger, for no discernible net benefit to happiness. Picked it up one day last month thinking I could reread it during a lunch hour between depositions downtown. The statement circulates forever, since it is true to the extent that it is false, and false to the extent that it is true. If you are the type of reader that highlights the important parts, i would suggest just dipping this entire book in yellow dye. Jedino što malo iritira jeste čuveno "novac nije cilj, ne mo'š jesti novac", mislim da i ja imam taštu punu k'o brod kao njegovu verovatno bih meditirajući u kući na kalifornijskoj obali došla na istu ideju.

If the simplest things caused wonder, if you had little use for thinking of the past or worrying about the future, then the "childish" you was truly living in ways you cannot even begin to fathom as an adult. Glas i misli Alana Votsa sam prvi put čula u numeri "Dreams" grupe Nuages a guglajući dobila sliku gospodina evropskog porekla sa ducktail bradom i u kimonu. My sense is that the key difference between Watts’ appreciation of the present moment with the fluid unity of nature, and the anxiety-prone, analytical, ego-driven perception many of us feel stuck in, is one of attention. Vrlo napredna za svoje vreme (objavljena pedesetih), o bivstvovanju u sadašnjem trenutku (pre nego što se to počelo zvati ma-ma-ma-majndfulnes i krenulo da iskače iz frižidera sa ekrana leti po kući a ne možeš da ga ucmekaš tabalicom za muve). Publication dates are subject to change (although this is an extremely uncommon occurrence overall).Conversely, one of the greatest pains is to be self-conscious, to feel unabsorbed and cut off from the community and the surrounding world. While many books in the self-improvement space, dress up banalities and platitudes as if they were revolutions, The Wisdom of Insecurity, appears to dress down very revolutionary ideas as if they were the substance of many religious doctrines, all along. Alan Watts is an ex Episcopal priest who converted to Zen Buddhism and then to Taoism, and then sort of moved beyond both in his own way. In fact, it could be argued, that self-improvement is exactly the problem Watts’ argues against, trying to “improve” something which is illusory.

Our descriptions, measurements and science are an attempt to translate reality into terms we can deal with in our brain. But to the undivided mind, death is another moment, complete like every moment, and cannot yield its secret unless lived to the full. I do not believe, as he contends, that most Christians view the stories in the Bible as being merely metaphors for the process of insight he describes in his book. How we’re given the ability to think and reminisce and wish and expect but how exactly those things are giving us unrelenting stress and anxiety. My philosophical start to 2020 (an attempt to see clearly) continues with this, my first Watts book.

This suggests that not only is there no method for achieving resolution, but wanting to achieve a resolution is a symptom of the initial problem! Such a system is a vicious circle, and has the same logical structure as a statement which states something about itself, for example, "I am lying", when it is implied that the statement itself is a lie. In the meantime he is feeling no physical pain; he has plenty to eat; he is surrounded by friends and human affection; he is doing work that is normally of great interest to him. And if there is anything objectionable (not that I detect anything, but like I said, my brain is shot), some kind of slant or bias in the writing, it doesn't matter much to me, because I've got the ideas and concepts that I need. But once we open up to wonder, see the connections between everything, we will no longer be the anxious I desperately trying to feel OK.

One gets the sense that Watts has wrestled with his own demons and developed a depth of self-awareness that would scare many of us. Nothing wrong with that, really, but it’s certainly not on everybody’s list of go-to occupations anymore. The writing is muddled in places and the continual pushing of the one idea that you understood from the first chapter was repetitive and eventually annoying. Sam Vots je magičan (preporuka za bilo koji kratak prelet njegove biografije), najbolje opisan kao budista epikurejac, ljubitelj dobrog vina, dobrih cigara i - vanbračnih veza. Watts was one of the first people to detect the spiritual emptiness that many people feel in modern society (in spite of rising living standards and longevity) and in this book he proposes, if not a cure for this feeling of emptiness, then at least a new way of looking at things.Live in the present, because the present is essentially all there is; the past and future are mental memories that we evoke in the present. Even if you were to take the less extreme position that, perhaps, we desire happiness in addition to some non-subjective things, it appears we often don’t even do that, failing to maximize our happiness even when there is no appreciable benefit to any other purpose we might have.

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