Paladone The Mandalorian Desktop Light, Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise

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Paladone The Mandalorian Desktop Light, Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise

Paladone The Mandalorian Desktop Light, Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise

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Visual effects supervisor Richard Bluff and executive creative director and head of ILM Rob Bredow showed Favreau a number of tests that ILM had conducted including the technology of the LED wall from Rogue One. Fraser suggested with the advancements in LED technology since Rogue One that this project could leverage new panels and push the envelope on real-time, in-camera visual effects. Favreau loved the concept and decided that was the production path to take. “I was very encouraged by my experiences using similar technology on Jungle Book and using virtual cameras on The Lion King. I had also experimented with a partial video wall for the pilot episode of The Orville.” We all felt a little like film students at the start of this,” Fraser says. “It’s all new, and we were discovering the limitations and abilities of the system as we went along. We continually pushed the system to break it and see where the edges of the envelope were — but the technology continued to evolve and allow us to push that envelope further. We’d say, ‘Oh, man, I wish we could …’ and someone at the Brain Bar would say, ‘Yeah, I think we can!’ And the next day we’d have that ability. It was pretty amazing.”

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The Volume is a difficult technology to understand until you stand there in front of the ‘projection’ on the LED screen, put an actor in front of it, and move the camera around,” Fraser says. “It’s hard to grasp. It’s not really rear projection; it’s not a TransLite because [it is a real-time, interactive image with 3D objects] and has the proper parallax; and it’s photo-real, not animated, but it is generated through a gaming engine.” Overall I give the Light Cruiser 3.5/5 Arbitrary praise units. The build experience was great, as is the minifigure selection. I also really enjoyed the microscale TIE Fighters. While there are some innacuracies with the actual craft, I probably feel most challenged by the final price, especially in Australia, where it seems that perhaps the pricing is now geared to big box retailers offering 10-20% on an almost weekly basis. If an actor is close to a set piece, it is more often preferred that piece be physical instead of virtual. If they’re close to a wall, that should be a physical wall so that they are actually close to something real. The technology that we were able to innovate on The Mandalorian would not have been possible had we not developed technologies around the challenges of Jungle Book and Lion King,” offers Favreau. “We had used game-engine and motion-capture [technology] and real-time set extension that had to be rendered after the fact, so real-time render was a natural extension of this approach.” This concept radically changed how we approach the sets,” Jones continues. “Anything you put in The Volume is lit by the environment, so we have to make sure that we conceptualize and construct the virtual set in its entirety of every location in full 360. Since the actor is, in essence, a chrome ball, he’s reflecting what is all around him so every detail needs to be realized.”

For decades, green- and bluescreen compositing was the go-to solution for bringing fantastic environments and actors together on the screen. ( Industrial Light & Magic did pioneering work with the technology for the original Star Wars movie.) However, when characters are wearing highly reflective costumes, as is the case with Mando (Pedro Pascal), the title character of The Mandalorian, the reflection of green- and bluescreen in the wardrobe causes costly problems in post-production. In addition, it’s challenging for actors to perform in a “sea of blue,” and for key creatives to have input on shot designs and composition. If the content was created in advance of the shoot, then photographing actors, props and set pieces in front of this wall could create final in-camera visual effects — or “near” finals, with only technical fixes required, and with complete creative confidence in the composition and look of the shots. On The Mandalorian, this space was dubbed “the Volume.” (Technically, a “volume” is any space defined by motion-capture technology.) All of this was captured in the Volume, in-camera and in real time. Part of the walkway was a real, practical set, but the rest of the world was the virtual image on the LED screen, and the parallax as the camera boomed up matched perfectly with the real set. The effect of this system is seamless. According to Idoine, the production used 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm, 150mm and 180mm Ultra Vistas that range from T2 to T2.8, and he and Fraser tended to expose at T2.5-T3.5. “Dan Sasaki gave us two prototype Ultra Vistas to test in June 2018,” he says, “and from that we worked out what focal-length range to build. This Imperial Light Cruiser forms the base of operations for Moff Gideon during the second season of The Mandalorian. The minifigure selection in this set is based on that final confrontation between the Mandalorian and Moff Gideon, with several other supporting cast from the season also included. This review might contain some spoilers for the episode.

75315 Imperial Light Cruiser: Hands-On Review | The Rambling 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser: Hands-On Review | The Rambling

Whether you're a dedicated fan of the series or searching for the perfect gift for a fellow Star Wars enthusiast, this Star Wars The Mandalorian Nightfall Light-up Canvas is the ultimate choice. Elevate your space, celebrate the epic tales of this unlikely pair, and let the Force be your guide with this stunning work of art.When you think about it, unless it’s a practical light in shot, all of our lighting is outside the frame — that’s how we make movies,” Fraser continues. “But when most of your lighting comes from the environment, you have to shape that environment carefully. We sometimes have to add a practical or a window into the design, which provides our key light even though we never see that [element] on camera.” Many objects that are physical are also virtual. Even if a prop or set piece is physically constructed, it is scanned and incorporated into the virtual world so that it becomes not only a practical asset, but a digital one as well. Once it’s in the virtual world, it can be turned on or off on a particular set or duplicated. The cameras used for scanning were Canon EOS 5D MKIV and EOS 5DS with prime lenses. Zooms are sometimes incorporated as modern stitching software has gotten better about solving multiple images from different focal lengths. The perfect weather condition for these photographic captures is a heavily overcast day, as there are little to no shadows on the landscape. A situation with harsh sunlight and hard shadows means that it cannot easily be re-lit in the virtual world. In those cases, software such as Agisoft De-Lighter was used to analyze the photographs for lighting and remove shadows to result in a more neutral canvas for virtual lighting. That was our goal,” says Fraser, who had previously explored the Star Wars galaxy while shooting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ( AC Feb. ’17). “We wanted to create an environment that was conducive not just to giving a composition line-up to the effects, but to actually capturing them in real time, photo-real and in-camera, so that the actors were in that environment in the right lighting — all at the moment of photography.”

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