Cat Grey Scoopless Litter Tray Large or Jumbo Sifting Toilet Box High Sided XL (Large Tray)

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Cat Grey Scoopless Litter Tray Large or Jumbo Sifting Toilet Box High Sided XL (Large Tray)

Cat Grey Scoopless Litter Tray Large or Jumbo Sifting Toilet Box High Sided XL (Large Tray)

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Material: Made from high-quality plastic, this litter box is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and odors. The Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box, though not fully automatic. It features an internal grill that scoops clumped waste when you tilt the box on its side, depositing it in a pull-out waste collection tray.

Both methods may seem similar, but they are very different. The manufacturer usually recommends the first method and it has you leave the sifting pan in the litter while your cat uses it. In our experience, the first method allows urine to get into the sifter slots, which will clog it as it clumps. Stopped and dirty holes make it less effective and increase the amount of cleaning you need to do. When you use the second method, the urine and feces have a chance to clump and dry before you attempt to sift out the litter, so there is much less mess with no clogging. Not only is this litter box easy to use, but it does a great job of controlling litter box odor and litter scatter. It even keeps used litter contained in a removable waste compartment for easy disposal. A sifting litter box can make your job infinitely easier when it comes to cleaning the litter box, but not all sifting litter boxes are created equal. There are many different options to choose from which makes your task tough, but we’ve reviewed some of the most popular models on the market to help you narrow down your choices. With its enclosed design, this litter box helps contain litter scatter and spray a well. It has a clear entry door and a large opening to accommodate cats of all sizes. It is also generously sized and plenty deep to accommodate the amount of litter your cats like. What We Like:

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

What features are you looking for in a new sifting cat litter box? Are there any features that you would prefer to avoid? We’d love to read your thoughts in our comments section below. Also Read: 15 Best Cat Litter Boxes – Give Your Cat the Perfect Litter Box What To Look For in a Sifting Litter Box? This litter box comes in several different sizes to accommodate multi-cat households and it has a large entrance. It also features an integrated carbon filter to keep things fresh for your cat. Plus, there’s an easy-access maintenance door so you can monitor the litter level and add more as needed. What We Like:

Size: The Siftable Cat Litter Box has dimensions of 48*40*13cm, providing ample space for your cat to move freely and comfortably.Some litter boxes feature elevated walls to help keep litter inside the pan and off the floor. But that extra surface space might need to be wiped down more often. Others don’t have elevated walls, so less cleaning of the system is involved, but more litter might get on the floor as time goes on. Consider what kind of cleaning and care each component on the litter box will require, not just the pan and the sifting components. Only then you will have a true idea of whether you will want to commit to those maintenance tasks in the coming months and years. Read What Other Customers Have to Say Be aware though, a lot of self-cleaning litter boxes are enclosed, which not every cat will like. If your cat doesn't regularly like a covered box, opt for one that's open. Automatic litter boxes also make noise while they're cleaning themselves, which could scare timid cats. There are quieter options for cats who spook easily. What are the benefits of a self-cleaning litter box? As with any litter box, sifting litter boxes come with a certain learning curve for most cats. You should be patient as your animal adjusts to her new box and be prepared to clean up unexpected accidents from time to time.

Automatic litter boxes are often covered and have a lever to sift the litter or allow you to roll the entire box. Automatic boxes can be great, but they will often increase your workload too. These large boxes will be harder to clean and will require disassembly. The trapped odors are nice for your home, but they may create an uncomfortable outhouse environment for your cat that can be dangerous, especially if you use a litter containing fragrance. Another problem with automatic sifting boxes is that the sifting mechanism often takes up a lot of space, making it more cramped for your cat. Liners Scooping clumps and throwing away dirty litter is a daily necessity, especially in a multi-cat household. In some households, it may even feel like a part-time job. Take work entirely out of the equation with the PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. This litter box features an automatic sifting rake that essentially scoops the litter box for you. No matter how fancy or simple you decide to go with it, a litter box will be useless if your kitty doesn't know how to use it! How to Teach Your Kitty to Use a Sifting Litter BoxCat owners who are tired of the hassle of scooping the litter box by hand will be glad to know there’s an alternative option – sifting cat litter boxes. Now that we've covered the advantages and disadvantages, let's take a look at the different factors to consider when trying to find one that's a right fit for your household: Size Reusable: These litter box liners are generally constructed from heavy-duty tarpaulin and can be used many times before being thrown away. These robust liners are highly tear resistant and hold up well to digging and scratching. However, it's worth noting that reusable litter box liners require regular cleaning with soap and water (or an enzymatic cleaner), and you'll still need to empty the liner into a trash bag when it's time to replace the litter. While this certainly isn't difficult, it requires much more hands-on time compared to disposable liners. Size Self-clumping litter is generally the best type for sifting litter boxes—otherwise, urine can just fall through into the bottom tray, which totally defeats the purpose.

Plastic litter boxes can absorb odors over time, and bacteria can easily hide in scratches and scrapes. By acting as a barrier between the box and your cat's waste, litter box liners effectively reduce odors and improve hygiene. Key considerations Types Thankfully, over the last decade or so, there have been nifty advancements in automatic cat litter boxes to help take some of the work out of looking after kitty. What is self-cleaning litter box? Getting cat litter boxes and trays to use indoors is an absolute must. If your pampered puss prefers to be indoors, getting the right litter box to be their throne can save any accidents around the home. To help get you started and inspired on your cat litter journey, we've listed the best cat litter boxes and trays that you can buy today to treat your feline friend.


Jumbo/XL (36 x 18 inches): Extra-large or jumbo liners generally fit medium, large, and extra-large litter boxes measuring up to 23 x 19 inches. Additional features. Many sifting litter boxes have useful features such as covers for odor control or raised sides so that litter doesn’t get spread around.

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